Solar-Power Back-Up Systems Are A Great Alternative To Fossil Fuel Generators.

Solar Power Systems work like regular generator systems, except they also have the added benefit of powering your house with clean, renewable energy in the daytime.

The excess solar power is either stored in a battery or directly on the grid, spinning your utility meter backwards. When the KPLC power fails, your solar power system gives you energy that powers your household electrical equipment directly from the sun during the day and from battery power bank during the night. This is because the solar inverter (the hardware that converts solar panel’s DC power output to AC so your home can use it) automatically switches to just solar and battery power to run important loads such as the refrigerator, TV, internet, lights, and power outlets, day or night. By powering only selected devices, you can stretch out the number of days your battery will be able to power everything.

Adding a battery to a new or existing solar PV system is a great alternative to buying a fossil fuel generator. Batteries are silent and clean, while generators are noisy, emit fumes and run on petroleum. A generator also does not allow existing solar customers to use their idle solar panels during a power outage.

What are the benefits of a Solar-powered Battery Back-up System?

  • Lithium ion batteries are safe, reliable and do not require maintenance.
  • The solar inverter charges the battery with clean, free solar power before, during and after power outages.
  • A cloud-based energy monitoring platform allows you to track your home’s energy usage and solar production using an intuitive app that can be used on any personal electronic device or home computer.

How Long Will My Battery System Last?

People often wonder how long their battery back-up system will give them power when the KPLC power goes down. The answer to this question will be different for every home depending on what will be powered and how long those devices will be used.

Part of our job during design process includes working with you to decide what devices you will need to back up when the power goes out. By powering only those devices that are necessary, you can extend the useful life of your battery system to supply power for a longer amount of time.

Even when the weather’s cloudy, our system will power your critical circuits for an extended period of time if you are mindful. When the sun is out, your solar panels will take over and power your house while charging up the battery, extending the amount of time you have power in an outage. 

Next time the lights goes out, you can breathe easy knowing that your BACK_UP source of energy is powered by the SUN and not FOSSIL GENERATOR FUELS.

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