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Home/Office Power Backup Systems

Having Problem with Frequent Power Outage? Worry no more, We've got you covered with our Reliable Power Backup Systems.

Our backup systems are reliable and we have a wide range depending on our client’s load demand.

The Power Backup System consists of three main components, these are: Inverter Charger, surge protector and the Power Bank. Surge protector protects your installation and equipment from surges, spikes & under/ over voltage. Inverter charger charges up the power bank when utility (KPLC) power is available and also supplies back the stored energy from power bank to the house/office in the event of power failure. Power bank is basically a set of batteries for storing electrical energy.

In a nutshell, when the utility power (KPLC) is available, the inverter charges up the batteries to their full capacity. In the event of a power failure, the store electrical energy is supplied back to the house/office via the inverter in its KPLC equivalent. The whole process is autonomous and seamless meaning when KPLC power fails the backup kicks in automatically.

We also have solar power backup which utilizes energy from the sun which is stored in the battery power bank to be used in an event of a power failure.

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